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A really good website requires a certain level of unique creativity. Mint Leaf Design goes far beyond the ordinary to produce a dynamic and captivating website design that will power your brand in style. .


At the core of any good online digital presence is solid functionality. We exceed client expectations by developing a fully functional and responsive website that looks great on virtually any kind of device.



As expected, great website performance metrics are essential for attracting those surfing the net and converting these visitors into paying customers. Are you ready for your business to excel digitally?


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Captivating web design for a cutting-edge digital presence your company needs to grow and succeed


Today's Internet is constantly on the move and always changing. Mint Leaf Design is a progressive design firm with a mission. We stay at the leading-edge of creative site designing to deliver trendy, unique and stunningly attractive websites that are affordable. Looking good online has never been so convenient and so easy. We take the guess-work out of getting your business noticed online. Why not give your idea or brand the competitive edge today? Digital communication for scalable growth.



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We know that you want a extraordinary website that will represent your business in an excellent light. Today, a website is more than just a static page, it is a vital form of digital communication. In fact, having a digital presence online is no longer an option, it is a necessity. A site must be responsive and look attractive across all digital platforms. What looks good on a laptop must also look equally amazing on a tablet or mobile device. This is no longer optional. A mobile ready website with a modern and crisp design will undoubtedly take your product, service or business as a whole to the next level. Mint Leaf Design offers designing services focused on your long-term success.

We create design compliant sites with clean code that allow for easy collaboration. Websites that render in a responsive way on any device and across virtually any browser.

Useful and functional websites are here today

Carefully coordinated Internet marketing with real and measurable results for your business


Not all Internet Marketing is the same and can in fact vary quite a bit from firm to firm. With Mint Leaf Design you company branding via solid digital presence is in good hands. We take the time to construct a website for your company that is intended to be highly competitive in your particular filed or industry. More online visits, better conversions and better total bottom-line performance translates into greater success. We can help!



better Branding

Let's face it - the days of TV, radio and newspaper branding are all but gone. Today branding a product, service or company requires digital savvy. The good news is that branding online is fun, far more interesting and way more rewarding.

digital positioning

Achieving excellent digital positioning requires understanding your market, your industry and your customers. Once this happens gaining a foothold online is really far less mysterious. Inform, Inspire and educate and enjoy great digital exposure.

natural traffic

Drawing traffic to a website should not be confusing or difficult. In fact, when fresh and timely content is constantly flowing through a website, visitors will come. "If you build it with relevant content they will come" should be the new digital wisdom.


Get noticed online by leveraging technology the way that it was intended

Relevant and meaningful original web content for organic marketing and exceptional recognition


Most experts would agree that the written word or textual content is the main driving force behind the very concept of the Internet. This combined with video, audio and images is indeed the structural backbone of what we know of as the online world today. For a website to be a success it must first deliver relevant and useful content. Mint Leaf Design fortifies your new website with original, engaging and relevant content. We provide robust substance for your site and not just an empty shell so that you experience real results.



Original content

To be well positioned online today modern business websites must have good content. It has to be original, unique and well-written. High-quality written content is literally the core basis of the web. Get this right and enjoy remarkable results.

Relevant and engaging

Content that is relevant and meaningful will attract online visitors who are in search of exact details and specific information about a subject. To win the day give your visitors pertinent and useful data, information and words of value.

industry specific

Law firms, health care providers and home contractors all have industry specific information to share. When a business website is able to drill down and provide information that is new, fresh and engaging the results can be amazing.


Content marketing is a growing trend that produces impressive results

We manage your website for you so that you can focus on profitability and other business concerns


Being a huge success online requires more than simply posting a website to an already congested space. For an online digital presence to effectively gain traction and make headway it requires regular maintenance and attention. Delivering a steady flow of fresh and relevant content at predetermined intervals is really the key to excellent online exposure and to being accepted into the social media meme. We will show you how.




Fresh relevant content and blog posts uploaded regularly for you

Running a business takes time and effort. Mint Leaf Design takes the guess work out of keeping your website fresh, relevant and engaging. We write, edit and post meaningful and useful content to your website so that you have time to tend to business. Industry specific text-based content that grabs your visitors and converts them into new clients and paying customers is what does best.


Don't need a website but need quality content? We can help


Keeping your online visitors engaged has never been so convenient

Mobile commerce or m-commerce is like a train leaving the station - one that is quickly gaining steam


There is an 800-pound gorilla in the room and it is called mobile commerce. This is a quickly trending phenomenon that is poised to be the future of connective and digital marketing. Responsive websites that look great on a mobile device are now able to take advantage of this innovative advertising platform to boost sales. M-commerce is sure to revolutionize how businesses market there products and services. is ready to guide you in making the right choices when it comes to this powerful mobile marketing meme.


M-commerce will revolutionize how we shop, compare and do business


Mobile commerce is a fast-emerging trend centering around unique and innovative marketing. It is quickly becoming the new standard in how businesses advertise. With more people than ever before shopping, browsing and transferring funds online, it is little wonder that there is a shift away from static Internet access. Convenient Internet access on the go via mobile device is the trend to watch. The Apple Watch and even contactless payments are ushering in a new paradigm quickly making stationary connectivity yesterday's news. Could your business gain from m-commerce?


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